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Live Shows


10th February - NORWICH, Jurnets (Steve Farrell solo)

25th February - GORLESTON, Margos

26th February - LOWESTOFT, The Tudor Rose

12th March - NORWICH, Gonzos Tea Rooms

17th March - NORWICH, Jurnets

5th April - BRADFORD, The Record Cafe

6th April - YORK, The Nook Cafe

7th April - BLACKBURN, The Dog Inn

8th April - NEWCASTLE, Jazz Cafe

24th May - LIVERPOOL, Bromborough Folk Club (Steve Farrell Solo)

3rd June - GREAT YARMOUTH, Arts Festival

3rd June - NORWICH, Gringos

1st July - GREAT YARMOUTH, The White Swan (Steve Farrell Solo)

2nd July - RACKHEAH, Live Festival

22nd July - CROMER, Rock Bodham Festival

30th July - GORLESTON, Cliff Top Festival

19th August - SHERINGHAM, Unplugged By The Sea

28th August - LOWESTOFT, CarlFest

29th September - GREAT YARMOUTH, St Georges Theatre

29th October - LOWESTOFT, The Tudor Rose

11th November - NEWCASTLE, The Peacock

18th November - BLACKBURN, The Dog Inn

1st December - GREAT YARMOUTH, The White Swan

23rd December - LOWESTOFT, The Mariners Rest


16th March - GREAT YARMOUTH, The Mariners

31st March - NORWICH. The Gatehouse

28th April - NORWICH, Old Library Woods

29th June - NORWICH, Jurnets Bar

1st July - RACKHEATH, Live Festival

29th July - GORLESTON, Cliff Top Festival

26th August - LOWESTOFT, Carlfest

1st September - GREAT YARMOUTH, Mariners (Steve Farrell solo)

23rd September - NORWICH, Oaklands Hotel (Steve Farrell solo)

16th November - LOWESTOFT, Waveney Folk Club (Steve Farrell solo)



30th March - GREAT YARMOUTH, St Georges Theatre

30th April - CAMBRIDGE, CB2

1st May - SCARBOROUGH, Mojos Music Cafe

2nd May - NOTTINGHAM, Head of Steam

3rd May - NEWCASTLE, Prohobition

4th May - LIVERPOOL, Renshaw 82 (afternoon)

4th May - BLACKBURN, The Dog Inn (evening)

5th May - NORWICH, Gringos

29th June - CHELMSFORD, Cricket Ground



15th November - NORWICH, Arts Centre

28th November - NEWCASTLE, Cluny 2

6th December - CAMBRIDGE, CB2

12th December - NORWICH, Jurnets Bar

14th December - LONDON, Arch 1



5th June - NORWICH, B2

22nd August - WINCHESTER, The Railway

19th September - NEWCASTLE, Arts Centre

10th October - LONDON, Arch 1

6th November - NORWICH, Jurnets Bar

13th November - GREAT YARMOUTH, Time & Tide

4th December - GREAT YARMOUTH, Cobham Centre


19th February - NORWICH, Jurnets
19th March - NORWICH, Arts Centre
2nd April - NORWICH, The Crypt
8th April - CAMBRIDGE, CB2
16th April - LONDON, Arch 1
24th April - LOWESTOFT, Giardinos
21st May - NEWCASTLE, Jazz Cafe
29th May - LOWESTOFT, Giardinos
10th June - GREAT YARMOUTH, Bermuda Holiday Park
19th June - NORWICH, Gringos
26th June - LOWESTOFT, Giardinos
3rd July - RACKHEATH, Live Festival
24th July - LOWESTOFT, Giardinos
30th July - GORLESTON, Cliff Top Festival
20th August - BLACKBURN, The Dog Inn
8th October - GREAT YARMOUTH, Allens Bar
6th November - NORWICH, Gringos
19th November - NEWCASTLE, Jazz Cafe
26th November - GORLESTON, Margos Lounge
3rd December - GREAT YARMOUTH, Rail Station
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